Business lunches and dinners

We organize business lunches and dinners for every occasion!

Our Trattoria offers our ten-year experience in the catering industry to organize business lunches and dinners with you during important events, holidays and / or special occasions.

Usually our business lunches / dinners are accompanied by menus agreed privately on the number of courses, the type of dishes and the total cost of the menu (per person) that you intend to give your guests. We are at your disposal to offer the most suitable advice for every occasion and to make your moment unforgettable! It is however possible to choose the formula "À la carte", thus deciding the dishes from our menu of the day.

If organized in the best way and taken care of in every detail, business lunches and dinners are a really important tool of team building, able to spread the culture of the company among its employees, creating cohesion between them and fostering the creation of positive and collaborative relationships.

Choose Trattoria Cavour in Sacile to organize your next business lunch / dinner and celebrate with us holidays and / or important events for your business.

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